Friday Jul 21, 2017
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Help The St. Charles, Missouri Cold Case Detectives Find The I-70 Serial Killer - Self Defense Stories

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These Are Composite Sketches Of The I-70 Killer And A Picture Of The Erma Werke ET-22 Pistol The Police Think The Killer Used.

I-70 Killer & the Erma Werke ET-22

The St. Charles City (Missouri) Police Department is asking for help.

The St. Charles City Police Department is continuing the investigation of the 6 known victims of the I-70 Killer, which occurred between Indianapolis, Indiana and Wichita, Kansas in April and May of 1992.

We are looking for any information about the murder weapon, which may have been an Erma Werke model ET-22 pistol. This weapon is a .22 long rifle caliber semi-automatic with an 11.75” barrel, Luger action, wood grips and a wood fore stock. All spent cartridges at crime scenes had the materials corundum and red rouge on them. The owner (or Killer) may have used corundum and red rouge for fire lapping of the weapon, or to polish the chamber for maintenance or to correct ejection problems, or may have used corundum and rouge in grinding, polishing, or machine shop work.

The weapon may have been stolen by the Killer prior to the first known crime in the series, in Indianapolis on April 8, 1992. The weapon may have been discarded by the Killer or seized by police in connection with another matter following the last known crime, in Raytown, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, on May 7, 1992.

The City of St. Charles has made a YouTube video about this murder case, which includes remarks from the parents of one of the murdered young women and information about the Erma ET-22, which we identify in the video as possibly being the model firearm used in the murders. Please see the following YouTube video:

There is a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of this serial Killer.

Any information regarding this case, or the weapon involved, can be directed to the St. Charles City Police Department by phone at 636-949-3333 or 1-800-800-3510, or by e-mail at

You can also visit the St. Charles Crime Stoppers website at Saint Charles Crime Stoppers

Detailed Timeline:

April 8, 1992 Indianapolis – Victim Robin Fuldauer, age 26 was working at a Payless shoe store at 7235 Pendleton Pike. Robin’s body was discovered in the store at about 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. A small amount of money was missing from the store.

April 11, 1992 Wichita, Kansas – Victims Patricia Magers, age 32 and Patricia Smith, 23 were working at the La Bridal shop, 4613 E. Kellogg. Their bodies were found in the store at about 6:30 p.m. Money was missing from the shop, along with some personal property belonging to one of the victims.

April 27, 1992 Terre Haute, Indiana – Michael McCown, 40 was killed in his shop, Sylvia’s Ceramics, 2615 S. 3rd Street. His body was discovered by a customer at about 4:15 p.m. Michael was the only male victim in this series. Because of all the circumstances – including the fact that he wore his hair very long – we assess that the Killer, watching from outside, mistook Michael for a woman until he entered the store.

May 3, 1992 St. Charles, Missouri – Nancy Kitzmiller, age 24, a graduate of Ft. Zumwalt High School and Oklahoma State University was found by customers in the back room of Boot Village, 2079 Zumbehl Road – in Bogey Hills Plaza, at Zumbehl and I-70 – at about 2:30 p.m. Cash was missing from the store.

May 7, 1992 Raytown, Missouri – Sarah Blessing, age 37 was killed at the Store of Many Colors, 11573 E. 63rd Street at about 6:30 p.m. A small amount of money was missing from the register.

The following information about the murder weapon and ammunition has not been publicly released previously.

Based on ballistic evidence and witness statements, it is possible that the murder weapon was an Intratec Scorpion or an Erma Werke Model ET 22 although other makes and models of .22 caliber weapons can’t be ruled out without a laboratory examination and any .22 auto associated with a suspect will be examined.

The ammunition used was CCI brand .22 caliber long rifle, copper clad lead bullets. Found on the cartridge cases were two substances: corundum and a red material consistent with rouge. Both of these substances (corundum, which is used as an industrial abrasive, and rouge, which is used as an industrial polish) are used in grinding, buffing and polishing a wide variety of materials, including firearms. It is possible that the Killer lived or worked in an environment where grinding, buffing or polishing was performed, possibly with a buffing or grinding wheel.

Help The St. Charles, Missouri Cold Case Detectives Find The I-70 Serial Killer.

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Help The St. Charles, Missouri Cold Case Detectives Find The I-70 Serial Killer

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