Friday Jul 21, 2017
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No one ever expects to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of their door being kicked in.

No one expects it. But, one woman was prepared for it.

I was incredibly happy to see this story of a woman in Duluth, Georgia who shot a man when he broke into her house. She got her gun, fired at him, and killed him.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as prepared as this woman was.

Home Invaders Are Unlike Other Criminals

You might think that if a criminal is in your home, he wants to avoid you as much as you want to avoid him.

He probably just wants to grab your TV and leave, right?

But this guy wasn’t avoiding the woman in this story.

Home Invasions Aren’t A “City Thing”

A lot of people think home invasions only happen in crime-plagued urban areas.

But this woman’s home was in a secluded area where neighbors wouldn’t see them and wouldn’t hear her screams.

The fact is, the more isolated your home is - the better a target it is.

When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Minutes Away

Of course, call 911 first (if you can), but when an attacker is breaking down your door, it’s just you against your attackers.

Everybody needs to have a gun and know how to use it and be willing to use it against home invaders.

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